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The tale of two event planners: An interview with Vivek Kumar and Nitin Kumar

No cricket no work, no work no cricket and that’s how it goes is the motto of this dynamic duo who is looking to take the sports event management industry by storm.

Having covered two international corporate cricket tours in Malaysia and Thailand, they can cover any cricket event effectively. Both partners having a strong background in information technology and have countless qualifications in that regard. These forward thinking founders are trying to revolutionise corporate cricket to uncover the talent by integrating live streaming, interactive stats cards and highlights.

The duo are as close as ever which helps their tandem. They consider themselves closer than brothers which helps them lift each other and the business to greater heights. They also are as cheerful as ever about making a steady recovery while practicing all safety measures once the pandemic crisis has been averted. They have watched the industry growth through the inclusion of technological advances such as new live streaming features and want to continue utilizing the same to ensure that corporate cricket is viewed in a professional manner.

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