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In conversation with Greece Premier League Coach : Bronwell Williams of Trikala Venom

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Bronwell Williams hails from South Africa and has been exposed to the protean ‘can-do attitude’ since he was a child. He features as a coach for one of the six franchises set to be introduced in the Greece Premier League 2021, the Trikala Venom. Set to coach in one of Europe’s biggest domestic cricket leagues. Having over fifteen years of coaching experience at different levels of play, the Trikala Venom have made a great acquisition that will go a long way in developing talent for the team and the league in general.

This however, comes with big expectations as the Greece Premier League is set to make seismic changes in the cricketing world with a unique commitment to making cricket truly a global sport. Mr. Bronwell is no stranger to high expectations having taken up the head coach role for the South Korea Cricket association in preparation for the Asian Games held in Jakarta. Apart from this he has had domestic league experience in Singapore and his home country of South Africa as well.

He is extremely passionate about the sport which is exactly what the league and its organisers are looking for. He attributes his coaching styles to some of the worlds best and looks to build long term relationships with the teams that he coaches. He wishes to create an environment that is competitive and sustainable and emphasises on player growth and mental development.

He has particularly taken to coaching young talent as he wishes to set an example. It is wonderful that the Greece Premier league aligns with the same view, emphasising on increased opportunity and youth development. Bronwell is also no strangers to different cultures and identities and knows how to adapt well to a challenge like this. His ability to coach every facet of the game equally makes him the preferred destination for all-rounders and he ensures that his team will compete at every level of the game. We hope Greece treats him well and that he can take the Venom to greater heights.

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