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Childhood Dreams Come Through : Sunil Pakhre

Sunil Pakhre grew up a cricket lover, is a cricket lover and will always be a cricket lover. Currently thirty five years young, this energetic information technology networking professional has displayed his love for the game since his childhood. Cricket was not the only sport that he was adept at, also being a spectacular volleyball player having played for his University team as well.

He rekindled his love for cricket through the corporate world, having represented his company Ingram Micro on several occasions and proving to everyone that he can close a sale and close an innings as well. With over ten years of experience off the pitch, he utilises that knowledge on the pitch to effectively manage teams and bring home the coveted trophies.

Also affectionately referred to as ‘Bhavishya ka Chris Cairns’, he definitely lives up to the name having scored his first century at Smashtress Cricket Ground in one of the corporate tournament among other impressive innings put up in the North Zone Cricket tournament. Sunil is not just all play and work as he loves to relax and take his mind off his busy life watching web series, reading about technology and current affairs and taking care of his four year old child. We at Sportsfeed wish him the best of luck for his future endeavours.

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