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In Conversation with Greece Premier League Coach: Othonas Konstadinos Nikitas of Corfu Lions

The Greece Premier League 2021 is set to be one of the biggest leagues in Europe and is set to entertain the masses after a long hiatus from the sport. The league is committed to finding new talent across the world and are equipped with some world class coaching staffs in order to do so. Additionally, the franchise model that has revolutionised the game in different countries is set to turn Greece into a serious contender at the world stage.

The league also understands that in order to develop cricket culture you would also need local participation at every level. If there was anyone who could fit those shoes perfectly it’s Othonas Konstadinos Nikitas. Being a local cricket legend in Corfu would only make it appropriate that he is the head coach of the Corfu Lions. He will surely be able to drum up local support as he has an in depth understanding of the local culture.

Otto has been at the centre of cricket in Greece for a long time now having captained the under nineteen men’s national team, following which he captained the men’s national team and made multiple international appearances at Corfu. He has also indulged himself in domestic cricket in Greece having played first class cricket following which coaching the Men’s 1st 11 Hellas Greece club. He also is currently the head coach of the Hellenic Cricket Federation to all national teams and the National Women’s team.

Otto’s experience with Greek players will make his job to select the league mandated number of local players very easy. Additionally, he is committed to make Greece a competitive side in the global cricketing scene as evidenced by his grassroots level coaching programs where he indulges school children and tries to cultivate the love for the game at a young age.

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