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The rag tag group of friends: Interview with the Red Blue Club

We have covered and witnessed club cricket for a long time and have not seen a club as closely knit as this one. Red Blue Club is what happens when a bunch of friends gather to play cricket in a small society and developed something great along the way. The fact that they describe themselves as a family is testament to their chemistry both on and off the pitch. Described aptly as a lifeline of the group, they progressed through the sport by shifting their focus from the tennis ball to the leather ball which is more symbolic than it is to indicate a shift due to what made them feel more comfortable.

They had a slow start with most of their players having their good cricketing years behind them. They never stopped working and undertook strength and conditioning training to compete at the highest levels. Competitive is the operative word in the last sentence as they are a team that never gives up. Having a perfect mix of veteran players and exciting rookies, they play hard till the last ball is bowled and are widely known for their fair play values. Their captain, Mr. Mahesh Yadav features at the end of the article by design, as it is indicative of his team first attitude and his willingness to lead by example.

The team is now well versed with players like Abdul Razzaq , Navpreet , Rakesh Koul, Panky, Tahzeeb Ankush , Nagmani , Upkar Yadav Rahul Tak ,Vivek , Shobhit & others who are consistently playing and making a wonderful memories to cherish in future. With many more young guns like Bhushan , Chiru and Naman becoming part of this team who are consistently learning the various facets of this game from seniors and the future of this team looks bright.

RedBlue Team has been regularly participating in corporate tournaments across Noida and has always made the efforts to stay true to the decade long tradition of playing fair and being competitive right till the last ball.

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