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Corporate cricket and the unlikely hero story : An Interview with Pushpender Singh

Pushpender Singh isn’t your average sales manager. He is a lionheart and is willing to put in everything for his team on the pitch and his business off the pitch. Before getting into his accolades we wanted to tell you more about Pushpender as a person. When we spoke with him he told us the importance of ensuring that one is always healthy. Money can’t buy health is a term that is lost in today’s fast world with even fast food. He is the embodiment of the sentiment that good health is the greatest blessing that life can give and has a strict fitness routine along with a no junk food policy.

For Pushpender the cricket is a whole other story having scored an average of 24 runs per game across 77 games with a strike rate of a 132 and eight fifty run totals to go with an impressive stats sheet.

The highest he has ever scored was a 127 not out but when asked about his most impressive moment on the pitch he answered like a true team player. His most memorable game was against the Atom blues against whom they aimed to put up a big total. After attempting to put on a good opening partnership the team lost two wickets in quick succession under 40 runs. In came Pushpender at number four who stayed stable throughout scoring 74 runs off of only 46 deliveries giving his team a good enough score to take the game. This performance marked his first and only man of the match award and we hope to see more of them in the future.

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