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Welcome to the Greece Premier League 2021

Cricket is making a huge comeback in 2021 with several marquee events scheduled. The Greece Premier League is set to rock the cricketing world in order to discover new talent from across the world.

This new and refreshing league was conceptualised by the dynamic duo of Mr. Tapan Sarkar and Mr. Satyam …. as a part of the Sports Addiction Group (located in Delhi.) The group espouses value of equal opportunities and has inspired many to get through the adversities of life in order to have a successful cricket career. Having already had a plethora of experience organising international tournaments for disadvantaged players across South Asia as well as other domestic tournaments, everyone can be rest assured that the quality of this tournament will be very high.

Right: Tapan Sarkar & in Left: Satyam Agarwal

The choice of Greece was by design due to their rich sporting history and being a new associate member of the ICC. Its booming tourism industry will increase the reach and exposure that different players and clubs will get. The group aims to not only shine light on the already existing talent however, create a comprehensive scouting system to ensure that there will be continuous engagement and creation of new talent. As most of the world witnessed India’s cricketing scene go through an unprecedented change after the introduction of the Indian Premier League, we hope that Greece will soon be able to develop a competitive squad.

In spirit of the same, the teams that will participate in the league are going to be franchises that will carry the name of the city they represent. This will definitely increase local fan engagement as people will be enthusiastic to support their hometown team. The league is made accessible for budding cricketers across the world and a thorough selection process will ensure that the quality of the tournament will be very high. Amongst everything that has happened in the sporting world, the expectations are extremely high and this tournament will surely exceed them!

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