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Corporate Cricket goes international: Interview with Vishnu Dubey

We often write about new and upcoming domestic cricket talent but today we shall be talking about Vishnu Dubey who has excelled at his craft in both domestic and international club cricket.

Working in an upcoming software company and currently thirty eight years old, this veteran cricketer picked up the bat late and took a keen interest in the sport only after graduating from college. His late start did not prevent him from being a threat on the pitch across jurisdictions as well. One of the most notable accolades he carries is his consistent performance at the Victoria Park Community League where he was adjudged the top and highest scorer of the season 2019 in club. To top that off he was also the focal point around which his club the Old Fallopians Cricket Club winning them several games and being the rock that the team could rely on at any time.

Vishnu ensures that he is fit both physically and mentally and ensures that he gets on the pitch at least twice a week while also maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet. He does not commit himself to any one specific fitness regime and is open to trying anything as long as it keeps him active and on the ground. Apart from cricket he uses music to wind down and end his day. Vishnu truly proves that if you are talented it doesn’t matter when or where you start, you will reach your goal.

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