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The Story of a Silent Shuttler: Gaurav Ahluwalia

India has produced some of the world’s best shuttlers and away from the spotlight players that we usually follows lies some of our most talented badminton players. India’s speech and hearing impaired badminton star Gaurav Ahluwalia is a prime example of that.

Working with the United Shuttlers badminton academy and having played for the Ghaziabad Badminton club this talented player has made a mark for himself at the international stage and wishes to do more and more. He has fought through adversity throughout his career from tournaments missing his entry to encountering visa issues to enter the tournaments he has strived to succeed.

List of International Participations:

21" Summer Deaflympics at Taipei 2009

3" Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship at Samarind Indonesia, 2010

3" World deaf badminton championship at Bucheon South Korea, 2011

22" Summer Deaflympics at Sofia - 2013

8" Asia Pacific deaf game at Taoyuan - 2015

He isn’t your conventional sports person in the sense that his guilty pleasure is treating himself to a snack from time to time. However, his inclination for the game is as strong as anyone else and he practices diligently daily and also engages himself in strength and conditioning training at the gym. India’s talents are sometimes hidden around us and this overachiever is one of them! Have an amazing sports tale to share, let us know by sharing your story with us.

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