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Senior IT Professional and a Part Time Cricket Organiser – An interview with Ashish Dixit

The spotlight often shines brightest on the stars of a game. We always think of the people who score the most runs, goals, baskets etc.

The unsung heroes are all the intermediaries that make that happen, the local business that manufactured the bat that you hit a fifty with or the organisers who worked day and night to ensure that everything fell in place. If there is someone who has experienced both ends of the spectrum is Ashish Dixit. Having organised and played in several tournaments, he is no stranger to the intricacies and nuances involved in setting up an entertaining tournament. With more than fifty such events under his belt at various levels. He was also closely involved with the Aadhar project automation and has years of computer science experience.

When we asked him about the influence of technology on his job, he said that it has helped increase the reach of corporate matches. The ability to view live scores and commentary has changed the way that we view semi-professional sporting activities and will continue to develop. He claims that the IT industry is not severable from the sporting industry anymore and form a co-dependent relationship. His effective working style is backed by his personal mantra i.e., if you have good time management, then you can easily balance out the various aspects of your life.

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