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Real Estate Business Owner & A Run Machine: Interview with Tapas Nigam

Whoever said that people who work in real estate are not entertaining have not met Tapas Nigam. Brimming with energy, he continues to play cricket at a high level even at the age of thirty two.

He has played over two hundred matches for his team, sons of pitches and has received several accolades such as man of the match, best bowler of the match and best batsman of the match. His consistent all round contribution to his teams leaves people asking how he does it. The simple answer is that he loves the game. When asked what his hobbies were he said cricket is always his primary hobby and uses it to destress and have fun. He shown how fun it can be having scored sixteen fifties and five four wicket hauls which is an impressive feat.

Tapas puts his health before anything else in order to continue being a key contributor to his team. Hearing his diet plan and fitness routine almost gave me second hand fatigue. With the ongoing covid-19 crisis going to gyms and other training facilities were out of question, however, he undertook an intensive home work out plan to ensure that the rust never develops. He is definitely geared up for a new season of tournaments and more awards.

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