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Pursuing passion and making a difference : Interview with Darpan Sethi

Darpan Sethi is a jack of all trades and master of all having played cricket professionally, worked as a zonal project manager following which we started his own sports apparels and accessories company and last but not the least runs an organisation that assists young cricketers follow their dreams.

We spoke to Darpan to get to know more about his ventures, 3zero cricket and Dream Team and his thoughts on the sports industry. Darpan has seven years of experience in the industry and operates a cricket brand called 3Zero Cricket which provides apparel and premium equipment to young cricket players. Young talent seems to be their motto as they sponsor four Ranji players and more than fifteen academy players.

When we discussed the impact of technology on the sports industry, he said technology has really helped him reach out to different parts of the country and has facilitated the process of making sales and advertising his products. While discussing the effects of Covid-19 on the sports industry, Darpan estimates that the minimum turn around period would be anywhere from six to nine months after the crisis gets over and feels that there will be an increase in demand as well. His organisation Dream Team is dedicated to supporting young talent and works with them to ensure that they complete their education and can secure jobs so as to provide them with a safety net among other services that he provides.

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