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Pokemon are now watching sports : A tale of positivity

Sports are in but stadiums are empty. Active leagues around the world are trying to figure out different ways to fill in stadiums in order to motivate players and send a message of hope. South Korea has taken a very nostalgic route in achieving the same by putting up our favourite plush toys in the stands to sit and watch the games. Characters from various cartoon TV shows such as Pikachu, Spongebob, Patrick, Winnie the Pooh and Stitch made an appearance at the game shown sitting six feet apart to maintain social distancing. Some stadiums even fill the stands with cardboard cutouts, fans printed on banners, and inflatable people.

The toys are given a different seating arrangement every game in order to show that all toys are equal. The idea is purely run by the fans and all the plush toys you see while watching the games have all been donated by the fans of the team. Officials have said that once fans are allowed to return to their rightful place in the stadium, the stuffed animals will be donated to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. This initiative has received international recognition and has been applauded for keeping the spirit of the sport.

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