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Passion and Life as a Workhorse : Interview with Sanchit Jain

Sanchit Jain is a corporate cricket extraordinaire on the weekends and a fitness trainer on the weekdays. He is an absolute nightmare to opposing teams thanks to his intensive background in strength and conditioning training.

When asked what is his mantra to staying fit he said that it is due to his passion for fitness and experimenting with as many sports possible in order to increase his agility and speed. He has always managed to have an active life for most of his professional career and follows a strict keto diet which has been recently hailed by several industry experts as an ideal diet. In order to excel at his game he trains on different fitness components such as cardiovascular endurance (stamina), muscular strength, flexibility, etc.

Having played corporate cricket for several big names such as Cult Fit and Reliance (92.7 Big FM), we asked him where his journey began. Cricket was one of his primary focuses as a child and moving into college, he won several accolades in cricket and basketball. To cap off his rather impressive resume he is also certified in Olympic lifting and has consistently received best trainer in fitness honours. He is able to balance his work and sports by utilising his hobbies to feed into his career. Cricket has helped improve his functionality in his daily life which helps manage a career that offers him very little time to rest.

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