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Teams are now using a dating app to sign players!

The pandemic has made the world grind to a screeching halt and one of the most affected industries was sports. As different sports are trying to make their way back to a global stage, adjustments have been made. Everyday there are new developments in the sports tech industry in order to facilitate a smooth shift. The latest development is a rather surprising one that goes by the name of ‘Transfer Room’. It essentially functions as a dating application and lets teams view player profiles and players view team profiles in order to match interested parties without the necessity of meeting or going through agents. With more than 500 clubs having signed up for the application across different leagues this might become the new normal with some club officials saying that deals are going exponentially faster than they used to.

Here’s how it works, the application lets clubs see which players are available and provides information regarding the player along with a direct message option. If there is a mutual interest then a ten minute window opens up where you can have a quick meeting and discuss details of a potential signing and once the time elapsed the window is closed and you are automatically directed to your next meeting based on the selections made by you and the players on the application. This is truly a game changer and may just make the transfer market a purely online experience for a very long time.

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