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Cricketers are immortal that’s why we have Team Ashu Warrior

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Team Ashu Warrior needs no introduction in the corporate cricket fraternity of Delhi & NCR. The team is headed by Mr Arvind Gupta. The Team Ashu Warrior is named in the honour and respect of an active Team Member sad demise. The soul of a cricketer is immortal and hence the team members made sure they always remember their immortal teammate Ashu who lost his life.

Very Humble Mr Arvind Gupta told us that the team now has around 30 players in their group with an average age of a player being 30 years. The Team Ashu Warrior is pretty diverse in as the youngest of all is only 22 and the oldest being at 40.

Ashu Warrior as a team has always demonstrated examples of respect and integrity as each team member equally contributes to decision making and gameplay strategies.

The main reason for such a vibrant and outstanding teamwork is Ashu Warrior comprises of players from a different sector of the industry. Ashu Warriors team act and plays moreover like one nice knitted family.

Mr Arvind Gupta when asked about the team’s best performance so far he stated a match reference where a team has scored 244 runs in 20 overs and won the match in super over made in which in turn they made 24 runs in 6 balls.

This is Team Ashu Warrior's story of knitting new levels of Team Spirits

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