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Calm and Affectionate Boss of Corporate Cricket: DDCA Umpire Rahman Saifi

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Umpiring is the most underrated job since cricket has been known and played by mankind. All the spotlight is on cricketers and Umpires are neither appreciated nor rewarded for making an unbiased judgement with lightfast spontaneity.

Umpires are the most important part of the game and for a game without them is like fighting in the ring without referee or class of students in a school without a teacher.

And as we talk about umpiring we are here to share the story of Mr Rahman Saifi one of the most senior umpires of Delhi NCR.

Mr Rahman Saifi has played cricket from UPCA in his early Twenties however he could not move forward his passion for cricket due to some personal and monetary issues Mr Rahman Saifi is now 51 years of age and since 2008 he has been umpiring in all the forms of domestic cricket. Since 2010 Mr Rahman Saifi is a DDCA Panel Umpire.

Mr Rahman Saifi has been very broadly famous for his attention to detail and extensive knowledge of cricket game which makes it difficult for any player for even any close misses to be dodged. Decision making by Mr Rahman Saifi is loud and clear and hence leaves no room for any ambiguity.

Off-field, at the nets or pavilion, Mr Rahman Saifi has always been seen mentoring young talent with all the motivation and skills he has earned in his lifetime.

This is Umpire Rahman Saifi’s story.

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