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Badminton Blaster: PDKP Panthers

A badminton team which plays for fun and believes that they play more with brain than power. PDKP Panthers, a badminton team, led by Saurabh Sharma, is a team of six- Dinesh Singh, Saurabh Sharma, Manish Saini, Sanjeev Tomar, Sudhir Chaudhary and Rohit Sharma. With an average age of 38 in the team, with 32 being the youngest and 46 being the oldest, the team practices daily to sharpen their skills.

The members of the team strongly believes in building a positive attitude and respecting the opponents. They hold the principle of respecting the weak teams and appreciating the stronger teams without fear.

Their top performances include winning tournaments in 18+, 30+ and 45+ categories at Badminton Premier League conducted by Smashtress and in tournaments conducted at Mahamaya Stadium in Ghaziabad and many more in Delhi NCR.

All the members of the team play and manage badminton along with their profession. Dinesh Singh is ICWA, Saurabh Sharma is MBA (FMCG Industry), Manish Saini is working in educational sector presently, Sudhir Chaudhary has his own business, Rohit Sharma is a CA and Sanjeev Tomar is an operational guy. Besides having a hectic job routine, they all make sure that they take some time and practice on a regular basis. Apart from badminton, the group loves singing, cooking and long drives.

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