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The Unsung Story of a Young Shuttler

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Gauri Kalla, a young, ardent badminton player, aims to play at the highest level badminton championships among the finest world class players one day.

The nine year old enthusiastic player is striding fast towards achieving excellence in the field. Her ‘tight and tiring’ routine can be inspiring for athletes even at the highest level. By focusing on all the aspects: speed, agility, core strength and badminton specific drill, she devotes 4-5 hours each day, dividing it into a couple of session, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Her routine has been smartly managed in a manner by which she can prove to be efficient.

Interestingly, this amateur had represented Indian flag too in the Alpha Badminton Academy Tournament held at Singapore in December 2019 in Under-9 category. She holds the experience of competing with players across the globe, like players from Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

She seems to be a player with immense calibre and certainly someone to look up for in the future.

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