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Full-Time Product Manager. Lifetime Cricketer ends up picking 9 wickets in T 20 Match.

Say Hello to Rahul Prakash.

Rahul Prakash recently got all eyes on him when he picked 9 wickets in a friendly match that took place between Nemesis Cricket Club and Spotswood Royals XI at Smashtress Cricket Ground, Noida. Rahul plays for Nemesis Cricket Club.

Rahul Prakash works for Leading IT Firm as Product Manager. Rahul has been fond of playing Cricket since the age of 8 and since then Rahul has been consistently engaging himself with Cricket at least twice a week.

Rahul in his exclusive conversation with our Content Team shared his mantra to stay healthy and fit. Rahul loves to do spot jog for least 10 minutes every day also he engages in cross-fit training. Rahul sticks to a balanced food habit throughout the year wherein he consumes a blend of both veggies and rooster.

Also, he said “I am a big-time sports enthusiast. Cricket is my passion and I ensure to play at least 4-6 matches in a month over the weekend on a weekday (night matches). Any weekend without a match is difficult to imagine.

My other hobbies include reading and exploring new places”

This is Rahul’s story of being Fit and Awesome.

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