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Air Force Veteran, Avid Shuttler. Lets Cheer for Mr Rakesh Monga.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

At the age of 43 when most Indians are in the hustle of mid-life planning. Mr Rakesh Monga is being an Unstoppable.

Mr Rakesh Monga has served for 20 yrs at Indian Air Force from 1994 to 2014. Rakesh is a Black belt 1st DAN in Karate and also participated at National in ITF 1999. Mr Rakesh Monga currently works for Zones in Database Management Vertical.

Mr Rakesh Monga is passionate about sports and hard work. He loves to regularly engage in Badminton sessions at Neighbourhood and National Veteran Masters Badminton Championship in-order to quench his thirst for the game.

Mr Rakesh Monga is a believer as he consistently strives for what he wishes to achieve in his thoughts. He has been playing Badminton since 2013 and has won several accolades. The secret of this energy is fresh raw meat on his platter.

Mr Rakesh Monga has been a Star of Year 2016 (Corporate Indoor Games 2016 at Thyagaraj stadium)

This is Rakesh Ji's story of being Fit and Awesome.

Have an amazing sports tale to share, let us know by sharing your story with us.

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