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We believe in a motto – Get Addicted to Fitness. Health-care professionals recommend physical activity as a key ingredient to any stress-management initiative. They suggest that playing sports can calm your worries and clear your mind A business is always full of worries, hopes, about achieving targets, meeting client’s expectations etc .So, arranging a tension-free games session once in a month or two months, will do good for your business and for your employees to ease them off the pressures..


We have academies running for all age group children,we have separate venues and academies running of Cricket, Volleyball, yoga, Football, Taekwondo, and Self defence    

Venue Booking

We have fully equipped ,lush green cricket ground with two turf wickets at the center. We also have night nets facility for practice with two turf wickets and one cemented wicket . We have a separate lush green football pitch of dimensions 50 m x 30 m and a volleyball ground